TO PRESENT  قَدَّمَ

HAH offers a rich year-round calendar (Roznama) of artistic activities, condensed around the summer season of every year. Local and international dance and theatre performances, music concerts, residency showings, workshops, professional meetings and other activities await you.


Founded in 2011 by Collectif Kahraba, NAJ (Us, the Moon & the Neighbours Festival) is a free, collaborative, Multi-disciplinary festival presenting local and international artists that started in a popular neighbourhood in Mar Mikhael. With four editions only, the festival managed to position itself as a real platform for collaboration, exchange and encounters amongst audiences and local and international artists. With HAH, NAJ will take place every 2 years both in Mar Mikhael and Hammana, as a meeting point between a previous cycle of activities and a window towards new artistic possibilities.


Collectif Kahraba is one of the few companies that have toured extensively across Lebanon. An important process that they strongly believe has fed their artistic and human development and benefited large and diverse audience groups. Collectif Kahraba place decentralisation at the heart of their artistic vision for HAH and LIFT is but an example. LIFT (Touring for Families in Lebanon) is a touring program allowing 10 dates for each proposed performance (2 selected performances per year), thanks to a circuit of partner-hosts across Lebanon with focus on rural areas.

LIFT will be launched in 2019.

Municipality Street, Hammana, Metn, Lebanon

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