Away from the city, Hammana Artist House is an ideal place to concentrate and get inspired. As an old Lebanese house, HAH was renovated and expanded to provide a variety of spaces, all at the disposal of artists in residency, creating a safe and comfortable environment for artistic reflection and creation.

Working & performing spaces

. The outdoor theatre

. The workshop

. The main hall

. The studio (10 x 10)

Social spaces

As social and artistic encounters are at the core of HAH’s vision, several spaces are previewed for the purpose.

. The theatre terrace

. The house terrace

. The main hall

Living spaces

Composed of 6 bedrooms, HAH can host up to 18 artists in residency at a time.

. The house kitchen

. The bedrooms

HAH is also equipped with an office, a meeting room, props and technique room and a smaller kitchen

Partner spaces

The old building of Cinema Roxy in Hammana provides an additional space for film screenings, rehearsals and small-scale performances.

Municipality Street, Hammana, Metn, Lebanon

T +961 (0)5 532 544 | +961 76 907 348   E

P.O. Box 116 - 5003 Beirut, Lebanon

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