D. Robert Eid - Founder

Robert left Lebanon shortly after the outbreak of the civil war in 1975 and has ever since been an expatriate on the move. He has lived in a number of countries - France, Kuwait, Argentina, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia - and considers himself today a 'citizen of the world'. Following studies in Economics at the American University of Beirut, he obtained a PhD in Money & Banking from the University of Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. He is currently the CEO & Managing Director of one of the largest Middle-Eastern banks.

Hammana, his village on his mother's side, has a special place in his heart. This is indeed where, as a kid, he used to spend his summer time. In 2015, in a rather atypical initiative by a banker, he published a book entitled Hammana in the dialogue of Generations. In the words of Professor Antoine Messara, member of the Constitutional Council in Lebanon, “Robert Eid engages us in a new type of History, plunges us in the memory of society and inaugurates in Lebanon a historical and social anthropology bringing to the surface the profound malaise within the Lebanese political society".

A firm commitment to culture as an integral part of collective memory, has guided Robert today to give life to Hammana Artist House which, he hopes, will bring people and creative ideas together so as to contribute to a society of openness and tolerance.

Collectif Kahraba - Founding partner & artistic director

Founded in 2007, Collectif Kahraba is a performing arts company comprising artists and technicians from different walks of life who firmly believe that art is a pathway for dialogue and openness. Thanks to a growing network of actors, writers, stage directors, photographers, puppeteers and dancers, brought together by the will to exchange tools and knowledge and to meet the audience, Collectif Kahraba poetically questions the world in which we evolve.
With over 10 productions that tour regularly across Lebanon and internationally, Collectif Kahraba initiated “Us, the Moon & The Neighbours” in 2011; a free, multi-disciplinary festival, taking place in a popular neighborhood in Mar Mikhael in Beirut. With four editions only, the festival managed to position itself as a real platform for collaboration, exchange and encounters amongst audiences and local and international artists. With Hammana Artist House, it’s the art of encounter that Collectif Kahraba chooses to put forth as a vehicle to develop the imaginary, curiosity, critical sense, and to contribute, in a shared responsibility, to building a culture of peace.

Municipality Street, Hammana, Metn, Lebanon

T +961 (0)5 532 544 | +961 76 907 348   E

P.O. Box 116 - 5003 Beirut, Lebanon

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