Amarre, in French, means mooring line: rope, cable or chain by which a boat is attached to the shore or to an anchor. AMARRE aims to connect forcibly displaced artists (or artists in exile) to their host communities. It is a residency programme that provides a safe working space for the selected artists to develop their projects and share them with the local audience, as well as connect them to the professional networks in their new environments. Each local partner will host and accompany the selected artists in exile in the respective countries with the perspective of supporting a culture of openness, free expression and living together. For its pilot edition, AMARRE takes place in four different countries: Lebanon, Turkey, France and Belgium.

Programme designed and directed by Collectif Kahraba / Hammana Artist House
In partnership with L’Atelier des Artistes en Exil (France), A corner in the World (Turkey), Moussem (Belgium)
Supported by the French Ministry of Europe & Foreign affairs

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22 September - 22 October 2017: Open call for applications

20 November 2017 - 2 February 2018: Open period for residencies


18 January - 18 February 2018: Open call for applications

1 March - 20 April 2018: Open period for residencies


1 February - 1 March 2018: Open call for applications

15 April - 30 May 2018: Open period for residencies


1 April - 1 May 2018: Open call for applications

1 June - 15 July 2018: Open period for residencies



Another Country by Karam al Zouhir | Music

Karam al Zouhir is a Syrian musician, graduated in Music Education at the University of Homs, Syria, and in Musicology at the University of Strasbourg. He is also a music teacher. His project Another Country is a musical show for children based on a text written by migrant children and formatted by writer Claire Audhuy. This text retraces the journey of a migrant child and his mother to reach Europe. It release the issue of exile from a child’s perspective. For his project, Karam al Zouhir wants to make a musical and sound piece, based on recordings of children telling their dreams and based on musical compositions.

Chronicles of A City We Never Knew By Wael Qadour & Mohammad al Rashi | Theatre

Chronicles of A City We Never Knew highlights the dualism of love and violence in Damascus, before and during the beginning of the Syrian uprising in March 2011,and the transformations of the Syrian society in light of this dualism. The play describes the deep divisions that shook the Syrian society during the first months of the Syrian uprising leading to the emergence of new forms of violent behaviors and social conflicts.

Wael Qadour (1981) and Mohammad Al Rashi (1970) are Syrian artists graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art in Damascus. Wael Qadour is an author, playwright and director. He has published 5 plays since 2007. In addition to his artistic activity, he is also editor-in-chief of the online platform Cultural Policy in the Arab Region (ARCP) and co-founder of the Ettijahat Independent Culture network.

Mohammad Al Rashi is an actor, musician, composer and director known in Syria as an actor for cinema, television and theatre at the National Theatre. He has also taught drama at several prestigious institutions in the Arab world. Together, they work on the production of Chronicles of A City We Never Knew, wrote by Wael Qadour, with Syrian actors exiled in France and Germany.


Once Again by Lana Shmeit | Dance, Music, Image

This creation is inpired by photographs taken in Syria for the last 7 years. These images are the base a multi-media and multi-disciplinary piece exploring through photography, music and dance 6 themes related to the war in Syria : Shock, Cold, Hunger, Migration, Loss, Death and Life. Through this work, and with students of Mimar Sinan University, Department of Contemporary Dance, Lana looks at how humanity and emotions are touched, shaken or transformed under these circumstances.


About Lana Shmeit

Lana Shmeit is a dancer and choreographer from Syria. She graduated from the Dance department at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. She taught Choreography in the institute, staged and created dance performances and participated in numerous workshops with Akram Khan and Sasha Waltz or performed with Henrietta Horn. She was a member of the Syrian Contemporary Dance Company Sima for 8 years. She is now living in Istanbul.

The Court by Taj Eddine Yakub | Theatre

"Everything takes place in the court, while both parties are heard".

Harry Jones,  a former Formula One racing champion, is judged for not being able to pay for the mechanical prosthesis he ordered from CPS company. The trial exposes the relationships between the company, the members of the Court, and Harry himself. How is control and power exercised over the trial’s stakeholders?

About Taj Eddine Yakub

Taj Eddine Yakub is an actor, director and playwright from Syria, based in Istanbul for four and a half years. As a young playwright, he is working on the development of 2 plays. He also participated in a theater work, and played in SAF, a Turkish Film.

Rendez-vous by Hala Sayasneh & Jawad El Habbal | Theatre

This theatrical performance examines the realities of human individual and collective relations through the perspective of two characters, who are facing war and asylum. The text is made of interviews conducted by both characters. In these interviews, they explore places, times, stories, past and present as well as the relationship to each other and to their surroundings.

About Hala Sayasneh & Jawad El Habbal

Hala Sayasneh is theater actress and performer, who started working in 2004 with Raheel Theater Group in Damascus and presented several shows. She has participated in short films and TV series in Syria and other Arab Countries. She’s also working as a voice actress for films in the Arab Countries.


Jawad El Habbal is theater actor from Syria who began working with the « Practical » Theater Group in Homs in 2005 and presented many performances. He has participated in TV series and animated mobile in Syria and other Arab Countries, and works as a voice actor for numerous films.


Knot by Almahdi Shbat | Performance & contemporary dance

Knot portrays the crisis of a young woman dealing with a growing schism between her dreams and her real life. She vainly tries to reconcile the two until her crisis reaches its climax and she commits suicide.

Over the past decades, suicide rates have been rising across the world and in the Arab region in particular. This performance attempts to take a look at this social phenomenon, questioning the absurdity of life and thin line between illusion and reality. During AMARRE residency in Hammana Artist House, the artists will focus on developing the choreography and set design for the project.


About Almahdi Shbat

Born in 1991, Almahdi graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. As a playwright and theatre director, he worked both in theatre and television. Almahdi was one of the organisers of the Baroque Music Festival in its first and second editions in Damascus Opera House and was member of the administration of Damascus Baroque Music troupe. His photography project about the library of Dr. Abdel Rahman Mounif was presented in Stuttgart, Germany, as part of a research entitled When the library was burgled. His first experience as a dramaturge was with the visual art performance Transformation. He has written a number of productions for stage and screen and is currently directing one of them - Knot, a contemporary dance performance.   


My other self by Maryam Samaan | Puppet theatre

What Syrians are experiencing today, due to displacement, exile and alienation, is closer to fiction than it is to reality. The other self project attempts to take some lucid distance from the suffering self by creating conversations between two facets of the same character, materialised in the puppet and its puppeteer.   

The first stage of the project consists of developing puppet construction and manipulation techniques using material such as sponge, paper, elastic, fabric, gypsum and other... and creating puppets based on real life characters in situations of distress. The second stage of the project consists of creating a performative dialogue between each puppet and its manipulator relying on improvisation and interactivity mixing reality with imagination.

About Maryam Semaan

Born in 1984, Maryam Samaan is a syrian artist and set designer of palestinian origin. She is currently living in Lebanon and working with One Hand - Puppet theatre group.

Following her studies in painting at the Adham Ismail centre for fine arts and set design at the national higher conservatory of dramatic arts in Damascus, she chose to pursue a double major in France. Maryam Samaan integrated the fine arts school in Rennes, opting for design while following several workshops at the National theatre of Bretagne. She is currently doing a masters in theatre studies at Sorbonne-Paris III university.


The Breadth of 104.5° By Mazen Al Ashkar | Visual art

104.5° is the angle formed in a water molecule between the two hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atom H-O-H. Mazen is using this information to build a mirror-like object which will reflect the viewer's image as if they were held within the angle created by the H-O-H. Made of glass and filled with water, ink will be poured to turn the water from transparent to black in order to cause the reflection. Engraved on the glass surface the following sentence: "I AM A WAVE A MEMORY HELD WITHIN". This project tackles the subjects of memory, heritage, and crisis. It creates scenes of purity, transparency, reflection, stillness, repetition, and minimalism; it also triggers thoughts on value, connection, awareness and self-reflection.

About Mazen Al Ashkar 

Mazen Al Ashkar, was born in Swaida, in southern Syria, and has been living and working in Amsterdam since 2017. Graduate of Fine Arts from Damascus University in 2012, Mazen kept researching various approaches and mediums such as painting, photography, digital and video art, and experimenting with contemporary conceptual methods.


Dust By Eyas Almokdad | Dance

Eyas is working on a dance performance called Dust. The research and experimentation stage deals with the fate of Ghouta in the suburbs of Damascus and of the city of Aleppo, as well as counterparts from affected cities in Syria and other parts of in the world. Through a character who stands up from the rubbles of the devastated city, the body of the performer screams in the face of savagery, in the face of a silent world in front of a tragedy and new massacres.

About Eyas Almokdad

Syrian filmmaker, choreographer and dancer, Eyas al Mokdad, holds an M.A. in Transmedia (audio-visual arts) from the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, and a B.A. in Dance from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. He has also directed several films, including The Last Time (2006), Dancers and Walls (2010), Dough (2011), Bloodshed (2012), Tahtt Al-Khazzan (co-directed with Orwa al Mokdad, 2014), and The Other Half of Your Shadow (2015).

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